Japanese Baptist Church of Seattle...

...is a community of believers in Jesus Christ who join together to worship, to learn, to encourage one another, and to serve our community and our world. Please view our Special Events and Scheduled Events to see what fun events we having coming up, including Easter Sunday and Sukiyaki Dinner!






JBC is commencing a major building project which could last the entire month of May or longer, depending on the weather. Our contractor, Promondo, will be painting the exteriors of both our new and our old buildings. Promondo is the contractor which painted our neighbor's building, King County Medical, and did an outstanding job for them. This will be an expensive project but after many years of deferred maintenance, we are at a point where this must be done. During the painting project, Promondo may block off parts of our east parking lot to allow their equipment's access. Parking in our south lot shouldn't be impacted but during the week our south lot is reserved exclusively for Neighborhood House. Make sure to display your JBC parking pass so if you have to move your car, we will know who to call.


 If you have questions, feel free to ask John Stice, JBC's 2017 Operations Committee Chair.


In case you missed it...

On Sunday, May 21, 2017, 11:00am worship service, Rev. Dr. Robert Reid gave the message, "What's Next?". The reading for the day was from Acts 16:9-15. Check out the "Recordings" tab to listen to this sermon or any other past messages you'd like to hear! 

Know any friends or family with small children who would like to join us for worship? Let them know that JBC’s Nursery is open! Our Nursery staff are two very capable and competent childcare providers that have a heart for children. Nursery opens every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and goes until parents can pick up their children following worship service. 

Please join us for Sunday worship services in English or Japanese

We have a rich history as a church founded over 110 years ago to engage in ministry for and with immigrants from Japan. Throughout the years, we have been an important part of the Japanese-American community in the Greater Seattle area.

JBC offers worship services and other programs in both English and Japanese. While JBC is searching for a Senior Minister, our Interim Minister, Rev. Dr. Robert Reid, regularly preaches at the English service. A Church Consultant preaches at the Nichigo (Japanese-language) service. 

Reflecting trends in the Greater Seattle area, our current mission is to serve those who identify themselves more broadly as or with the Asian  American peoples in the Greater Seattle area. We are pleased that our current members come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as a full range of ages and generations, and we believe that all will find a warm welcome here.

JBC is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches in the USA, and we support its missions work through our giving and our personal participation. We also support other Christian missions and agencies, emphasizing those that serve our community and/or provide ministry to Asians and Asian-Americans.